NJRR prides ourselves in being capable to complete most repairs quickly, inexpensively and at the highest quality.  As most repairs do not require a licensed professional, our highly experienced maintenance staff has the ability to complete most projects.  For those projects that require a licensed professional, such as HVAC, major electrical, plumbing, roofing, etc., we have built a network of local professionals who have been  pre-qualified, and are incentivized to respond quickly and do high quality, yet inexpensive work.

For a full list of our Indoor and Outdoor services click MaintenanceServicesList.pdf.

We also offer our discounted services to tenants helping to hang pictures, paintings, mirrors, shelves, curtains/blinds/shades, televisions, holiday lights and decorations, painting rooms, assembling furniture, childproofing, and much more.  If landscaping and snow removal is part of your lease, we are happy to provide our services for these as well.  These services are of course not included in the leasing agreements and will be billed separately.

To notify us of maintenance issues or repair requests, please contact us in the following manner.

  1. Log in to the online Tenant Portal and enter your request.  OR you can call us 24/7 toll free at 877-737-7303 (ext 1) to speak with someone or to leave a message.  Your request will then be entered for you, which would be view-able on the Tenant Portal.  We will contact you as soon a possible to ask any additional questions and schedule the repair.
  • Note that if it is an immediate Safety, Dangerous or Habitability issue, such as natural gas leaks, fires, carbon monoxide, etc, go to a safe location away from the emergency and dial emergency services immediately.  Afterwards, please call us to notify us of the issue.

The property owner has first-right of refusal for all repairs and will be contacted to approve all requests.  Tenants are responsible for all repairs that are not "normal wear-&-tear" (see lease for potential exemptions).  If  your request is NOT approved, you will have the option to repair it yourself with proper approval and coordination from our office staff.