There are so many benefits to our program!  Further below is a full explanation of the major ones but to save time, here are just a few of them:

  • Much Less Expensive
  • Straightforward Pricing
  • 24/7 Service
  • We are Local
  • Full Service Management
  • Online Access and Document Storage
  • No Long Term Contacts
  • Direct Deposits
  • Discounted maintenance services
  • Experienced Staff

Additional Benefits Explanations

Lower Fees Most services come standard with the low monthly fee, however a full range of other servicesare available to help alleviate ALL aspects of owner-required management.  Typical property management companies charge 8-12% of your rent (~$100 minimum whether its rented or not), an entire month of rent to find a new tenant, and have a variety of other miscellaneous fees including account set-up, annual administrative, execution and renewal commissions, and more.  NJRR offers Full Service management for only$75 per month and only while rented ($35 when not rented).  We only charge $750 to find a new tenant (up to 5 showings) and charge no deposit or account set-up fee.  We have no corporate overhead as with other commercial companies (ReMax, Long & Foster, etc)

Straightforward Pricing - $75 or $35 whether it's the monthly fee or maintenance fee.  Easy!  With our model, there is no debating if you will be charged 8% or 12% for your property.  Calculating the costs for new properties is easy.

Incentivized to Retain Quality Tenants -  The current industry model incentives property managers to find a new tenant EVERY year instead of finding long-term tenants to optimize the revenue for the owners.  Do the math...(1) full month of rent AND 12 months of fees OR (12) months of fees.  They get the same monthly fee either way, rented or not BUT the owner doesn't get rent for a few months while a new tenant is found.  At greatly reduced fees, it is our incentive to find quality tenants and maintain the properties to minimize any period of non-rental.

24/7 Service - You can have piece of mind as we are there in times of emergencies to address and minimize any potential problem that arises.

Keep up with Regulations - The real estate market is a highly regulated one and regulations are constantly being updated.  Fines may be incurred if every requirement is not met.  Often individual landlords are not familiar with the industry standard of rentals and can find themselves being taken advantage of by a tenant.  For example,  most residential leases and rental agreements in New Jersey require a security deposit yet most owners don't know the applicable legal requirements to manage those funs.  The New Jersey security deposit law, the Rent Security Deposit Act, specifies how a landlord must collect, maintain, and return a security deposit.  Regulation include collection limits, specific deposit accounts, receipts and notifications and payments of annual interest.  How confident are you that everything is being done correctly?

Local - Being located within our local south jersey area allows us to be the best at what we do.  Knowledge of local area and market allows better market pricing of rentals, finding new owners and tenants, finding and qualifying local professionals, completing repairs quickly and inexpensively and gives us the ability to actively monitor the condition and status of our properties.  And all at reduced operational costs due to reduced travel (showings, issues, inspections, maintenance, etc) and less personnel.

Residential Focus - Do what you do the best…So we focus specifically on residential properties.  Instead of  dividing our focus on commercial and large complex rentals and as a side to real estate sales, our attention is to manage residential properties only.

Discounted Services - All our professionals (repairs, landscaping, cleaning, etc) are local, have been  pre-qualified, and are incentivized to respond quickly and do high quality, yet inexpensive work.  According to U.S. News and World Report, the average homeowner spends between 1-4% of their home's value on repairs and replacements every year.

PartnershipsNJRR is proud of our partnerships with the best, most efficient, and most competitively priced vendors (legal, insurance, mortgages, etc) in the area and we pass these partnership (benefits) to our owners and tenants.  We are always looking to improve the level of service we provide to owners and residents, so we are always looking to build new relationships with qualified vendors.

Tenant Payments - We make it easy for tenants to pay through our many payment methods and online and automated payments helping to significantly improve on-time payments.  And through our email and text notifications, we quickly begin collection services (communication is key!), reducing costs and further delays.

Optimized Revenue - We will work with you to identify ways to optimize your rental revenue.  Our rent comparison tool will quickly analyze your rental prices compared to other units of similar size and bedroom count in the same geographical area.  In addition we will advise on (fast ROI) improvments to your property so you can stay ahead of your competition with the confidence to adjust rental prices to maximize your revenue and fill vacancies faster.  

Online/Mobile Account Access – Our state of the art computerized property management system provides for all of the financial needs of our tenants and owners and complies with the requirements of the laws of New Jersey.  Owners can view real-time property status, financials, print reports, change automatic direct deposits, etc. while tenants can view their documents, make payments online, submit repair requests, etc.

Communications – NJRR will email tenant payment reminders and owner monthly financial reports and seasonally send emails to all our tenants and owners with updates as it pertains to them.

No long-term Contracts – We understand conditions change (sell property, etc) so why be locked in?  It’s a no-risk contract. If you’re unsatisfied with our service, you can cancel at any time without cause or penalty.

Real Estate Agent Services - No need to contact another agent to list your rental property.  NJRR is partnered with Kapital M Realty so we can provide you with additional services as needed.

Innovation - Industry-leading technology guarantees your assets and data are safe with secure online access available 24/7.  Utilizing leading edge technology and property management software, communication with customers, tracking and follow-up is immediate. 

Experienced Staff - Our management team has more than 20 years of experience in the business, and the knowledge to help you make the best choice for your future home needs. 

Electronic Applications, Leasing & Screening - Built-in online applications, applicant screening and online lease agreements so you reduce the time spent on processing applications and sign up new residents quickly and efficiently.

Highest Quality Tenants - We believe in thoroughly reviewing your applicants limiting the risk of entering into a lease with a high-risk candidate or one that does not match the rental unit cost. An application fee is assessed and paid by the potential tenant eliminating those not serious. Our screening includes a credit, eviction and criminal background check (additional tenant fees apply)