New Owners

Interested in our services?

We are excited to hear from you!  We treat your home as if it was our own. By using our comprehensive approach to managing your investment, you will have the highest level of service for your property.  Below are the steps we will walk through to ensure you and your property are brought under our care without issue.

First please familiarize yourself with our Fee Structure and Services and Contact Us with any questions.

Second we ask that you complete a New Owner Info.pdf for you and then a New Property Info.pdf for EACH property that you wish to be managed.

Next we will personally visit your property to confirm all of the data, take photos, make notes of potential any potential safety concerns and repairs and to do a market analysis.  Then we will make a rent recommendation, as well as recommendations to help the property reach maximum rent range and to protect you from future liability issues.

Finally, if you are pleased with the information we provide, we require the below to complete the process.

  • Signed Property Management and Exclusive Leasing Agreement (Example: Owner Agreement - Sample.pdf)
  • Signed W9 - IRS Form W9 - rev 12-14.pdf
  • Copy of Current/Former Leases
  • HOA or CA Bylaws (if one)
  • Certificate of Insurance (Proof of $1M Liability insurance)
  • Copy of Deed for each property
  • Floor Plan for each property (Optional but beneficial)
  • Survey for each property (Optional but beneficial)