Typical property management companies charge 8-12% of your rent (~$100 minimum whether its rented or not), an entire month of rent to find a new tenant, and have a variety of other miscellaneous fees including account set-up, annual administrative, execution and renewal commissions, and more.

Rental Owners please ask yourself these questions:

  • Why should I pay a PERCENTAGE of my rent?  Is it really that much harder to manage a $2500/month property than a $750/month one? No?  Then why also pay the ENTIRE first months rent to find a tenant?  Is it more work to find and sign a tenant for a more expensive property?
  • If there is no tenant, and the owner isn't making any money, why should the property management make their full amount?  Where is the incentive to find a new tenant quickly?
  • Doesn't this model incentive property managers to find a new tenant EVERY year instead of finding long-term tenants to optimize the revenue for the owners?  Do the math...(1) full month of rent AND 10 months of fees OR (12) months of fees.  They get the same monthly fee either way, rented or not BUT the owner doesn't get rent for a few months while a new tenant is found.
  • And doesn't it incentivize property managers to manage only higher-rent properties?  Wouldn't' you think lower-rent properties would get less/no attention?
  • If your management company isn't' local to your property, how can your property be properly priced, monitored, maintained?  If you were farther away from the properties, wouldn't it be more expensive to show the property to new tenants and access it for other activities such as inspections, collections, etc?
  • Isn't the goal of management to manage EVERYTHING about the property so you don't have to?

Property managers should be incentivized to make YOU money and alleviate ALL concern for your property!

We are changing the property management market one property at a time by changing the current industry fee and incentive structure that favors the property management instead of the owners and tenants.  Through a standard LOW monthly fee that is significantly reduced when there is no tenant and a standard reduced tenant placements cost, we will provide full-service professional property management to everyone in South Jersey with residential rentals, eliminating the reasons to manage your own properties.  Through this model, we will both save significant costs for higher-rent units while improving the attention for lower-rent ones as well, allowing owners to trust all levels of properties with us.

NJRR offers many other Benefits over other property management companies.

It is our goal to save you time and money while you enjoy the income and tax benefits of owning rental investment properties. Choosing the right property management company is an extremely important decision so make sure they have YOUR best interest in mind.