Focusing specifically on residential properties and within our local south jersey area allows us to be the best at what we do. Our professional staff uses both technology and personal service to ensure the highest quality product at the lowest cost to you. Our services include management, finance & accounting, collections & enforcement and communications.  Most services come standard with the low monthly fee, however a full range of other services are available to help alleviate ALL aspects of owner-required management.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Collection, processing and distribution of rent and fees (from renter to owner)
  • 24/7 emergency services (leaks, damage, door/key repair, etc)
  • Bill payments (mortgage, taxes, utilities, association fees, etc)
  • Contract negotiation and renewals
  • Discounted repairs and improvements
  • Provide annual financial documents (expense and income)
  • Budget preparation (rent vs expenses)
  • Manage security deposit accounts and annual interest payments
  • Municipal Inspections/licenses
  • Electronic payments with monthly emailed statements
  • Customizable online account view & cash flow analysis
  • Online communication (renters submit & owners view online)
  • Proactively manage late payments (cost containment)
  • Monitor property maintenance/repair needs
  • Arranging timely maintenance and necessary repairs
  • Preventative Maintenance (air filters, smoke alarm batteries, etc)
  • Digital storage and online accessibility of all docs/data
  • Prepare/distribute mailings and communications (annual letters, notices of non-conformance, etc)
  • Market analysis and making a rent determination for property
  • Advertising the property for rent
  • Screening prospective tenants (including credit checks, criminal reports, eviction records)
  • Preparing and signing leases and other necessary and required forms
  • Market, find, screen and qualify renters (quality & retention)
  • Paying expenses for of the property (COMING SOON)
  • Maintaining records (communications, documents, payments, etc)
  • Generating monthly income and expense reports for the owner
  • Periodic inspections of the property
  • Serving as the owner's agent in dealing with tenants and service providers
  • Recommending improvements to the property owner to enhance value
  • Initiation and follow-through on any insurance claims for damage
  • Supervision of all repairs and improvements

Additional Available Services (Fees May Apply)

  • Landscaping - We have found that properties with better lawns, find and keep tenants.  If part of tenant's responsibility, NJRR can provide its services between tenants also.
  • Snow Removal - NJRR is happy to provide our services to reduce liability (slips & falls) during the cold months including sidewalks shoveled and salted and large driveways plowed. If it is the tenant's responsibility, NJRR can provide its services between tenants also.
  • Appliance Warranty and Repair (COMING SOON) - The breakdowns of important home system components and appliances are inevitable.  A service contract covers the repair or replacement, helping to save you money.
  • Legal Costs - While most leases and other documentation require no legal intervention, some may.  However, eviction and some collection services do come with a cost.  NJRR has existing procedures to mitigate this prior, but if a legal eviction is required, our experienced legal partners help to minimize costs and expedite where possible to regain your revenue.